Hello, I'm Mark De Fusco, and I'm a Freelance Copywriter.

I write structured, creative copy that flows and helps your copy work hard and go further.

About Me

I have a passion for writing great copy.

I am Available

Hello, my name is Mark De Fusco and I am a freelance copywriter.

I am committed to working as hard as I can to meet your business needs and will be as flexible as possible in order to achieve the desired outcome. I try to be as adaptable and available as possible.


My Approach

I have been told I am approachable and easy to work with and I will work closely with you to establish your needs. I will look in depth at what is needed and consult with you at each stage so that there won’t be any surprises at the outcome.



I have a varied work background, from teaching English in Japan to qualifying as an occupational therapist. I have worked in various settings and am used to working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines, such as in busy hospitals. I also have a lot of experience in the employability sector, from writing CVs, practicing interviews, and helping people keep mentally healthy and positive at work. I have a copywriting diploma from the Blackford Centre.

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I write copy that resonates, whatever the format.

Web page content

If you are looking for high quality content for your web page, I can maximise its efficiency by providing active content that resonates with your audience.

Blog Posts

Blog posts should deal with real world problems. If you would like blog posts that deal with the problems your customers are facing and helps them focus on your product I would be happy to provide this service.

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Email campaigns

In today’s economic climate the importance of an effective email campaign that converts your customers cannot be understated. I can provide email campaigns that are flexible and eye catching,  while remaining focused on your customers’ needs.

Leaflets and Brochures

I can provide attention grabbing leaflets and brochures which provide all the fun details while getting straight to the point.


My Latest Posts

Fourth Post

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Post III

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Post Number II

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Let's Talk!

If you have a question, need a quote, or want to hire me – feel free send me a message.